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十大网赌靠谱网址将我们在医疗助理培训方面的长期优秀传统带到凤凰城, AZ. 十大网赌靠谱网址, 我们一直在为准备在医学领域就业的学生提供医疗保健教育. At the Allen School, 你可以快速实现你的教育目标,同时仍然接受专业经验和实践培训,在作为一个医疗助理的职业生涯中茁壮成长.

医疗助理 TrainingIs Medical Assisting the Right Career for You?

For many Allen School students and graduates, 他们成为一名医疗助理的旅程始于一个伟大的梦想:找到并追求一份能让每一天都能帮助他人的职业. 如果你对医疗保健领域感兴趣,并喜欢为他人的生活带来积极的改变, a career as a medical assistant might be the ideal fit.

Because medical assisting is such a versatile career path, 你的日常工作可以通过许多不同的方式和不同的环境形成. For many Allen School students in the medical assistant training program, it is this flexibility that attracted them to the field. Depending on your professional goals, 您可以在医疗辅助领域内选择特定的工作类型和重点, so you can enjoy doing the exact type of work that interests you most.

To successfully pursue a career as a medical assistant, 准备好学习新技能并不断提高现有知识是很重要的. 医疗保健领域一直在发展,成为一个令人兴奋的行业. 另外, because you’ll typically be working closely with 病人s, part of being an excellent medical assistant is the ability to be friendly, 病人, 和理解.

最后,要准备好接受新的挑战,并拥有积极、灵活的态度. Medical assistants play important roles in healthcare offices everywhere, 他们的职责可能包括各种各样的职责,包括行政和临床. For Allen School students and new graduates, it’s exciting to think about the many forms their future career can take.

What Does a 医疗助理 Do?

医疗助理在保健办公室负责各种各样的任务, 工作职责通常包括临床和行政工作. Depending on the specific work environment, including factors such as location, 办公室专业, 州法律, 和实践的大小, a medical assistant’s job description may vary somewhat. 在一般情况下, 你可以期望每天与病人和其他医疗专业人员互动.


医疗助理 Administrative Duties

  • Answering telephone calls
  • Greeting 病人s and helping them sign in as needed
  • Scheduling 病人 appointments
  • Arranging lab services and 医院 admissions
  • Filing and updating 病人 medical records
  • Completing and coding insurance forms
  • 记账
  • Managing 病人 billing and payment processes
  • Utilizing office computer applications as needed to complete daily tasks

医疗助理 Clinical Duties

  • Collecting information to complete medical histories
  • Preparing 病人s for the examination process
  • Educating 病人s on treatments, procedures, and medication
  • Assisting the physician as needed
  • 收集实验室标本并进行基本的实验室测试,包括抽血
  • Administering (and preparing as needed) medication
  • Communicating prescription refills when directed
  • Taking electrocardiograms and other basic tests
  • Changing dressings and removing sutures

还有专门的医疗助理,他们的作用非常具体, such as 病人 liaison, 病人-centered medical home care team member, 和更多的. These job types may require special or additional certification and training.

Where Can You Work as a 医疗助理?

医疗助理是各种保健设施的组成部分, including physicians’ offices, 门诊, 和医院. No matter what type of facility you work in, you can typically expect to work closely alongside doctors, 护士, 和其他医疗专业人员成功地为病人提供护理和服务.

What Training or Education is Required to Become a 医疗助理?

具体的培训和认证要求可能因州而异, 但你通常需要成功地完成一个正式的医疗助理培训计划. 了解更多关于十大网赌靠谱网址平台和我们在凤凰城优秀的医疗助理培训计划, contact our admissions team today.


From resume writing to interviews, 当您开始在医疗保健行业的新职业之路时,职业服务部门是您的合作伙伴.



A dedicated support team here to help you succeed. 无论你对日程安排或社区活动有什么问题,他们都在这里为你服务.


Providing Phoenix with the Highest Quality of 医疗助理 Education

十大网赌靠谱网址平台位于凤凰城的中心校区,让你很容易进入一所备受尊敬的医疗助理学校. 我们的项目旨在培训您所需的一切,为您的医疗助理认证,同时仍然专注于帮助您快速毕业. 毕业后, you can work at a doctor’s office, 医院, 诊所, 手术中心, home care organization or nonprofit that serves those in medical need. The opportunities are almost endless.

We structure our classes in a manner that can support your busy lifestyle, 所以即使你已经有工作了,想要发展你的事业或者照顾你的家庭, we can work with you to find a schedule that meets your needs. 我们所有的学生都接受了专业的临床实践培训和知识,你需要使你的新职业有所不同.



医疗助理s are a cornerstone of nearly every healthcare facility. 你可以成为照顾有需要的人的临床和行政职能的重要成员. 你可以在医生的办公室、诊所或医院与医疗专业人员一起工作. 我们的凤凰分校将帮助您在各种类型和规模的医疗保健办公室的日常工作中发挥重要作用.


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The Allen School of Health Sciences Equips You with Everything You Need

What can you expect to learn as part of our program?

  • 了解更大的医疗保健基础设施,以及美国医疗保健系统和医疗保险是如何运作的.
  • Gain professional interpersonal telephone skills, appointment scheduling, medical records management and 病人 billing.
  • Attain a holistic understanding of what the body does, how it works together and how to spot common illnesses.
  • 计算机知识、文字处理以及书写商业信件和备忘录对成功至关重要.
  • 训练测量病人的血压、体温、脉搏、呼吸和其他生命体征.
  • 掌握心电图、抽血、尿检等相关技能.
  • 你将学会如何让病人放松,让他们更容易信任你.
  • Understand how the law and professional practices apply to your career.
  • 你会把这些都写进简历和面试技巧中,帮助你得到你想要的工作.

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