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For over 60 years, 十大网赌靠谱网址平台一直为有兴趣在医学领域追求职业生涯的学生提供高质量的医疗保健教育. Not only will you reach your educational goals, 但你也会获得实际培训和专业经验的好处.

As an Allen School graduate, 你将准备好成为一名出色的医疗助理,并为你的病人的生活带来改变.

Is a Career in Medical Assisting Right for You?

For most medical assistants, 他们的职业生涯始于一个简单的愿望,那就是找到一份能让他们改善他人生活的工作. As a medical assistant, you’ll be able to help people on an everyday basis, 为他们的健康和幸福做出积极的改变并发挥重要作用.

医疗辅助职业最大的好处之一就是职业的多样性. Your daily job duties can take many different forms depending on where you work, and there are many different healthcare facilities where you can find work.

For many Allen School students, 有能力选择一个特定的职业道路,符合他们的兴趣和激情是吸引他们来我们的医学助理学校的因素之一.

In order to succeed as a medical assistant, 你应该准备好不断学习新信息,建立自己的技能. Because the field of healthcare is always evolving, new technology and treatments are constantly being introduced.

Usually, medical assistants work closely with patients and doctors, so being personable, friendly, and patient is key. Other characteristics of a good medical assistant include a positive attitude, flexibility, and passion for helping others.

Where Can You Work as a Medical Assistant?

Whether you choose to stay in Jamaica, Queens after graduating or hope to relocate to another city or state, 作为十大网赌靠谱网址平台医学助理项目的毕业生,你的职业前景一片光明.

医疗助理在各种保健设施中发挥着重要作用, including hospitals, physicians’ offices, and outpatient clinics.

You may find employment at a private or group practice, a community clinic, or another medical setting. The Jamaica, Queens area is home to a number of healthcare facilities, as are most cities and towns across the nation.

How Do You Become a Medical Assistant?

Depending on where you live and plan to work, specific training and certification requirements may vary.

Specialized practices may require an ability to perform specific duties, or additional training may be required to work at certain healthcare facilities. However, 你通常需要成功地从一个认证的医疗助理培训计划毕业.

If you’re interested in becoming a medical assistant, 你的第一步是在你所在的地区找到高质量的医疗助理认证项目. For students in the Jamaica, Queens community, the Allen School is a top choice. 

When you’re choosing between different medical assistant programs, it’s important to select one that provides a multi-faceted education.

十大网赌靠谱网址平台将优秀的课程内容与专业经验和实践培训相结合, 所以你可以带着自信毕业,追求你梦想的职业.

了解更多关于十大网赌靠谱网址平台和我们在牙买加的认证医疗助理培训计划, Queen by contacting our admissions team today.

Career Services

From resume writing to interviews, 当您开始在医疗保健行业的新职业之路时,职业服务部门是您的合作伙伴.

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Student Services

A dedicated support team here to help you succeed. 无论你对日程安排或社区活动有什么问题,他们都在这里为你服务.

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Good school for those seeking an entry level job in many fields. Good prep and good teachers.
Dwight Simmons
Dwight Simmons
15:30 12 May 16
This is the best decision I ever made, it is a good school and teachers are very interested in Students
My experience at Allen School for Health Science has been extremely great. I've gain experience and learned alot in working with other students. The staff has helpfulglad to have signed up and its a beginning to a new career.
Marilyn Morales
Marilyn Morales
16:05 08 Sep 16
So far my experience at the Allen School is very good. 我相信我正在学习成为一名医疗助理所需要知道的一切. The teachers are really nice and give me the support that I need to keep going. 我喜欢的一点是,课程非常小,这样我可以学得更好.
makedah pascall
makedah pascall
16:06 08 Sep 16
十大网赌靠谱网址平台给了我一生中从未想过会有的经历. The educators are always ready and willing to help, and kept me focus on my journey in becoming a medical assistant.
rachel nicholas
rachel nicholas
16:07 08 Sep 16

Join a Highly Rewarding Career That's in Demand

Job Outlook according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics
从2020年到2030年,医疗助理的就业预计将增长18%, much faster than the average for all occupations.

在未来十年中,预计平均每年将有104,400个医疗助理职位空缺. 预计这些空缺中有许多是由于需要取代那些转行或退出劳动力市场的工人, such as to retire. (


Medical Assistant

在这个令人兴奋的职业生涯中,办公室与诊所在医生的办公室与医疗专业人员一起工作, clinic, or hospital. The Medical Assistant program, offered at all of our healthcare training school campuses, 帮助您在各种类型和规模的医疗保健办公室的日常工作中发挥重要作用.

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Why Become a Medical Assistant with the Allen School of Health Sciences?

If you’re looking for a career path that offers excellent pay and room to grow, you simply can’t go wrong becoming a Medical Assistant. 医疗助理是任何医疗团队的重要组成部分,当你和我们一起学习时,你可以很快成为一个医疗助理.

Medical Assistants are multi-skilled professionals who work in hospitals, doctor’s offices, trauma centers, hospices and many other facilities. 他们为医生和护士提供关键的专业知识,履行许多重要职责.

  • 他们检查病人的生命体征,抽血,做心电图和实验室检查
  • 他们进行基本的诊断,收集病人的信息,建立融洽的关系
  • 他们实践有效的沟通和处理前厅管理的要求
  • 他们了解解剖学、生理学、卫生法等重要学科的基础知识

The Allen School of Health Sciences is Waiting to Welcome You

If you’ve been wondering about your next move in life, 十大网赌靠谱网址可以帮助你成为一名成功的医疗助理. Not only will you receive hands-on training by true experts in the field, but you’ll also get to serve an internship to put it all together.


60多年来,我们一直致力于培养我们的学生加入医疗行业的基本技能, knowledge and training. You’ll not only get career confidence, 但你会与学生和老师联系,他们会在你的每一步旅程中支持你.

Institution For HOPE

When a new class begins, 他们合作选择了一项事业来提高人们的意识——既成功地为人类做了好事,又学习了当今健康科学和/或现实世界中的一个话题.

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Success Stories

无论是找到一份理想的工作,还是为自己和家人改善生活方式, we’re proud of our students’ achievements, and we’re honored to have played a part in helping them reach their goals.

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Financial Aid

The Allen School of Health Sciences offers Financial Aid for select programs. 了解我们如何帮助合格的个人使他们的医疗保健教育负担得起且更容易支付.

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